7 Most Romantic Songs to Put on Repeat This Valentine s Day

Whether you're having a fun girls' night in or planning a special date your crush, these 14 love songs will totally get you in the V-Day mood!

Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud"

Most Romantic Lyrics: " And darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70 / And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 / And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways / Maybe just the touch of a hand / Oh me I fall in love you every single day / And I just wanna tell you I am "

Selena Gomez & the Scene - "Love You Like a Love Song"

Most Romantic Lyrics: "No one compares / You stand alone, to every record I own / Music to my heart that's what you are "

Shawn Mendes - "Strings"

Most Romantic Lyrics: "Darling I want all the strings attached / I love it when you look at me like that / And you're the only girl that brings me back / 'Cause baby I want all the strings attached "

Justin Bieber - "U Smile"

Most Romantic Lyrics: " Baby take my open heart and all it offers / Cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get / You ain't seen nothing yet / I won't ever hesitate to give you more"

Jason Derulo - "Marry Me"

Most Romantic Lyrics: " And if I lost everything / In my heart it means nothing / 'Cause I have you, girl I have you"

Katy Perry - "Unconditionally"

Most Romantic Lyrics: "Unconditional, unconditionally / I will love you unconditionally / There is no fear now / Let go and just be free / I will love you unconditionally "

Paramore - "Still Into You"

Most Romantic Lyrics: "Some things just, some things just make sense / And one of those is you and I "